THIS IS BIG GREEN: Feburary 2014

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Big Green resuscitates its lost January episode with a gripping new installment of Ned Trek, two Big Green songs, impromptu harmonizing, and other mindless drivel. Great way to spend a snowy afternoon (if you don’t have a hangover).

This is Big Green – February 2014. Features: 1) Ned Trek XVI: A Mock Time; 2) Put the Phone Down: Changing our name to Oliver Remote Control; 3) Why Andy Williams never did a special with us; 4) Matt’s Andromeda period: 100x worse than Neil Sadaka; 5) Remembering Pete Seeger; 6) Song: Paradise, by Big Green; 7) Song: Kublai Khan, by Big Green; 8. Matt’s plans for Super Bowl Sunday; 9) Time for us to go

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