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Big Green nearly gives March a miss and hurls itself headlong into April with Ned Trek 17, six new songs, and some incoherent muttering. Out like a lamb!

This is Big Green – March 2014. Features: 1) Ned Trek XVII: The Free Enterprise Syndrome, including six new Big Green songs; 2) Put the Phone Down: A capella song to greet April; 3) Faces of fools; 4) Obama’s speech to European youth (now with more irony); 5) Song: Special Kind of Blood, by Big Green; 6) Joe’s first (and second) bass; 7) Big Green’s live performance days: some tall tales; 8) Time for us to go

New Songs: (1) My Masterpiece; (2) Space is the Devil; (3) I Place You First; (4) This Horse’s Sense; (5) Happy and Peaceful Here; (6) Lies from the Pit of Hell

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