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Big Green hops awkwardly around the maypole with a brand new episode of Ned Trek, two unreleased Big Green tracks, impromptu performances, and other accidents. Avast!

This is Big Green – May 2014. Features: 1) Ned Trek XVIII: Captain Frickasee; 2) Put the Phone Down: A lame song to greet the May; 3) Joe Percy’s convocation report; 4) Matt’s falcon tales; 5) Talk of Planet of the Dinosaurs and other trivia; 6) Song: Brotherly Love, performed live by Big Green; 7) Pondering the plot of the Big Valley; 8) Song: Going to Andromeda, by Big Green; 9) Matt plays with bungees; 10) Song: Good Old Boys Roundup, by Big Green (demo version); 11) Time for us to go.

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