THIS IS BIG GREEN: December 2014

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Big Green delivers the holiday goods with a Special Romney Christmas Special, featuring some uninvited yuletide guests, festive songs, and more. Or less. Either way, enjoy!

This is Big Green – December 2014. Our Annual Christmas Special Broadcast, featuring Willard Mittilius Romney, Captain of the Free Enterprise, his talking dressage horse Ned, as well as special guests Henry Kissinger, the Android Nixon, Big Green (a.k.a. poptacular singing sensation Hansen), and some very special holiday music: 1) Gold and Silver, by Big Green; 2) Romney Christmas Time, by Big Green; 3) Christmas Bombing, by Big Green; 4) Winter Lock, by Big Green; 5) I Can’t Lose, by Big Green; 6) Head Cheese Log, by Big Green (from 2000 Years To Christmas)

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