THIS IS BIG GREEN: October 2015

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Big Green welcomes another autumn with a new episode of Ned Trek, four Big Green songs, and a lot of bad imitations of famous people. This is a thing.

This is Big Green – October 2015. Features: 1) Ned Trek 25: Not the Children One, Please!; 2) Song: Johnny Got His Gun, by Big Green; 3) Put the Phone Down: Kissinger drops by; 4) Journey to See the Bottom; 5) Joe’s last communion; 6) Matt and the monkey bread;  7) Reagan’s plants and trees; 8) Song: It Should’ve Been Me, by Big Green; 9) Song: Enter the Mind, by Big Green; 10) Syria, seriously; 11) Song: Why Not Call It George? by Big Green; 12) Time for us to go.

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