THIS IS BIG GREEN: August 2016

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TIBG celebrates its 5th anniversary with a slammin’ podcast that features a new Ned Trek episode, three vintage Big Green live recordings, and some crazy robot talk. Resistance is futile!

This is Big Green – August 2016. Features: 1) Ned Trek 29: Error of Mercy; 2) Put the phone down: a rendition of Dead Thing, by Peter Lorre; 3) The Daleks arrive, and they’re singing; 4) Election news: avoiding Trumpageddon; 5) The Daleks endorse Trump; 6) The progressive millennium … not; 7) The cave is deep in our memory; 8) A partial rendering of Two Lines, by the George Takei Singers; 9) Song: Sensory Man (at 1:29:33), by Big Green; 10) Song: I Hate Your Face (at 1:34:42), by Big Green; 11) Song: Why Not Call It George? (at 1:38:53), by Big Green; 12) 5th Anniversary Dalek song; 13) Time for us to go.

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