Reviews of 2000 Years To Christmas

Ann Powers, eMusic Magazine (12/01/2004)

[Jorma] Kaukonen’s approach [in Christmas] is distinctive but not wholly original; for that, and more than a little strangeness, turn to the mysterious Big Green. A self-described “discorporate pop group” (that means they don’t play live), this quirky combo is a family affair run by brothers Joe and Matt Perry (of upstate New York, not Aerosmith). 2000 Years to Christmas, Big Green’s first full-length release, features lyrics reminiscent of the morbid genius Edward Gorey (featuring pagan sacrifice, dancing skeletons, and wacky prophecies) and rococco rock arrangements Frank Zappa would have admired. Joe Perry sings as if he were a character from Dickens while demented choirs back him up. The whole affair is as frightening yet oddly attractive as mincemeat pie.

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Eric Sorensen, Amplifier (#17, 2000)

Big Green’s debut release, album art and its song titles certainly make 2000 Years To Christmas (2KY2C) look like a Christmas album, but band members Matt Perry, Joe Perry and John White deny that this is a holiday album. What 2KY2C is is 13 songs that showcase the trio’s considerable songwriting and pop orchestration skills. “Holiday” greets the listener with a Devo-like rhythmic drum cadence; “All Saints Come” has a bit of an ’80s arena rock sound to it; “Wrap Up World War I” is a piano-driven ballad; “Merry Christmas, Jane (Pt. 2)” exhibits the band’s acoustic skills; and “Pagan Christmas” and “Same Old Same Old” are two examples of Big Green’s uptempo and harmonious nature. 2KY2C may seem eclectic and quirky during an initial listening session, but it will grow on listeners – particularly those who enjoy High Llamas – styled pop music.

Tim Hinely, Dagger (#27, Fall 2000)

Utica, NY trio who do some really nice upbeat pop but the band wants you, the listeners, to know, this is not a Christmas album. Ok? I’m not sure who’s playing what and the band does occasionally dip into cheese territory but most of this is decent to really good. My favorite was galloping “Holiday”.

Reviews of Big Green – LIVE From Neptune

Tim Hinely, Dagger (#32, Summer 2003)

Utica, NY trio who, despite being as obscure as a band gets, drop off 4 swingin’ tunes. The opener, “Special Kind of Blood” has a marvy ska’ feel w/ some wicked guitar leads. “Merry Christmas Jane” is sublime pop at its best as is “Holiday.”

Reviews of The President’s Brain is Missing

Tim Hinely, Dagger (#34, April 2004)

Utica , NY ’s favorite song(ster)s crank out 4 more quirky pop tunes and the opener is a battle him to our ol’ pal Dubya. The title says it all. “Red Gold and Green” is an acoustic charmer questioning the need for war. “Beautiful Grid” was a bit too funky for me but the final “Grandfather’s War” is another bit o’ satire with some old-timey instrumentation. When’s the full-length coming out guys???