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These are some of the points on the Internet that make the whole thing seem worthwhile.

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)
Often the most eloquent and moving voices against a war are those of the warriors themselves. Like their predecessors in the Vietnam war, these brave souls are telling their stories through Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. Go there, hear the testimony, and find out how you can help.

Uri Avnery
Longtime Israeli peace activist, journalist, commentator, and (in my opinion) one of the most cogent and inspiring voices coming out of that part of the world. Check it out.

Tom Dispatch
A project of The Nation Institute run by Tom Englehardt, this online column offers a thoughtful review of political and foreign affairs with some great guest columns. Valuable.

Al Jazeera
The English language site for this UAE-based news network, periodically banned from Iraq as well as numerous other countries. Hey — any media outlet that makes this many enemies must have something going for them. Judge for yourself.

Informed Comment
Useful insights on foreign policy matters from Juan Cole, author and professor of history at the University of Michigan. Good stuff.

Ta’ayush is an Arab-Jewish partnership that works on the ground in the occupied territories to provide aid and non-violent support to the victims of Israel’s oppressive military policies. These people are brave beyond belief and well worthy of your support. Take a look.

The Electronic Intifada
This is a tremendous resource for anyone seeking to understand the level of distortion characterizing American media reports of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. Propaganda debunked, facts on the conflict reported…it’s all here in this very accessible, media-savvy site.  Bookmark it!

The Black Commentator

This very useful site offers excellent commentary on issues relating to race, politics, economics, foreign policy. It’s a great place to go for insightful analysis from an African American perspective — one virtually never heard in the mainstream media.

The Edward Said Archive
An unauthorized but useful collection of writings from this great Palestinian scholar and Columbia University professor, now sadly departed from this joyous world of ours. Read the thoughts of someone whose commitment to an egalitarian society in Israel/Palestine is remarkable and enormously refreshing. If more people would listen to this guy….

The London Independent
Excellent British daily and home of groundbreaking journalism by Robert Fisk, Justin Huggler, Patrick Cockburn, and others. Their funky web site is one of the places we go to every day to get news…try it, mate.
Want to know what deadly industrial toxins have been profitably spewed into your hometown? Just key in your zip code at this useful site, and you’ll get the sometimes surprising answer.

Democracy Now!
The home of Amy Goodman’s excellent TV/radio news program, now back on the Pacifica network (which had fallen into the hands of cartoon pirates for a time). Absolutely vital listening for anyone tired of the usual claptrap…real alternative POV delivered by one of the world’s great journalists. Listen up!

Michael Moore’s site
Homepage for filmaker and Flint native Michael Moore, who has something interesting to say about a good many things…including the mess we’re in right now!

Earth Island Institute
An extremely active, outside-the-beltway environmental organization that fights the good fight without a lot of sanctimonious claptrap and political compromising.

The great bi-weekly political newsletter, founded by the late Alexander Cockburn and edited by Jeff St. Clair. Essential, informative, entertaining, and wholly unanswerable to corporate paymasters and other unsavory types (like us). Their web site is a rich resource of articles wholly in addition to those published in the newsletter, with new postings every day by some of the best writers going.

Z Magazine/ZNet
Monthly magazine chronicles activism, human & economic rights issues, and quite a bit more. Great way to keep up (and keep yourself up at night, as well).

Noam Chomsky Site
A compilation of articles, audio clips, and more from the great   linguist/activist/philosopher, available at Check it.

The National Security Archive
Take a look at some of this stuff. Be afraid. Get mad. Demand better. Stick a carrot up your nose and call your Congressperson.

Colombia Support Network
Want to see your US tax dollars at work? Visit CSN, and learn about life on the frontlines of our holy war against Communism … I mean, drugs … I mean terrorism. Or is it independent development? Surf over and see.

School Of The Americas Watch
And who trains the killers in Central America? Check out what’s being done to close down this longstanding terror training ground at Fort Benning, Georgia (rather than simply change its name). Then call your Congressperson. Again. And again.

Ruckus Society
The lively group behind much of the direct action in Seattle during the 1999 WTO Conference, as chronicled by Counterpunch’s Jeff St. Clair (see above).

Prison Legal News
Online version of an inmate-produced newspaper that provides a voice to those on the inside of the US prison-industrial complex, as well as a sobering glimpse of its injustices for the rest of us.

United Students Against Sweatshops

Students organizing against exploitative labor conditions employed by big name/big logo companies (Nike, etc.) all over the world. Right on.

Adbusters Media Foundation, based in Vancouver, BC, takes the tools of the ad industry and turns it back upon them and their patrons. A pappy-slapping good browse.

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