Orion’s First Flight

In case you were watching the live feed – Orion miscalculated her return to the box from the west veranda. She eventually glided her way to the parking lot where we rescued her. She is on her way to a local rehabilitator to be checked out. We will update everyone as soon as we have more information. We believe she is fine.

Orion in the bank parking lot shortly before being captured and taken to a Wildlife Rehabilitator


February 1 to 4

Sunday, February 1 – 10:53 Am – Astrid is spotted sitting on a windowsill on the East side of the Adirondack Bank building and Ares is happily perched on the state building.

Wednesday, February 4 – 7:05 AM – Ares comes to the box and stays on the edge for a long visit. Astrid arrives at 7:42 but only stays on the edge for a couple of minutes. She did not join Ares in the box – he hopped into the box just before her arrival and was calling to her.

February 9, 2015

Astrid and Ares visited the nest box twice on Monday. They spent a few minutes together inside the box in typical behavior that has become known as “a dance” amongst our team.


Astrid actually spent most of the afternoon on the perch. Ares came back for a second visit and I was able to catch this shot of the two of them on the perches.  Ares attempted to impress Astrid with his flying skills even though it was still snowing and blowing out side! This is part of their mating ritual and we are happy to see that they are displaying the expected behavior already.