The Show

Ned Trek came into to the world as a feature on Big Green’s podcast, THIS IS BIG GREEN. And its evolution is … well … a little hard to explain. Let me try.

Willard and his talking dressage horse, Mr. NedDuring the 2012 presidential campaign, a story surfaced about the Romney family’s participation in dressage horse competitions. Desperate for podcast fodder, Big Green did a brief skit about Mitt and his talking dressage horse, dubbed Mr. Ned, after the ’60s television comedy Mr. Ed.

Within a couple of episodes, we contrived a time/space portal transition to the set of the Free Enterprise, the finest starship in the Confederation of Planets, manned entirely by neocons and posers (as well as Mr. Sulu, the only holdover from the original Star Trek series).

The show is a shameless rip-off / mashup of old Star Trek episodes, ripping on all the standard television contrivances, with a healthy dose of political satire worked into the mix. Many bad imitations of famous people.

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