Crew of the Free Enterprise

Matt Perry does the voices for:

Mr. Ned, the talking dressage horse
Doc Tom Coburn, chief medical officer
Mr. Sulu, helmsman
Mr. Welsh, chief engineer
Dr. McGoato, chief veterinarian

Joe Perry does the voices for:

Willard Mittilius Romney, Captain
Lt. Commander Richard Perle, chief neocon
The Nixon Android, automaton version of the ex-president
Mr. Stephanie, chief red shirt cannonfodder

Incidental and Occasional Characters

These characters are voiced by whoever draws the short straw. Some of these players include:

Carl Sagan (Matt)
Dr. Henry Kissinger (Matt)
Lee Majors (Joe)
Admiral Dick Cheney (Matt)
Rear Admiral Mitch McConnell (Matt)
Sen. Harry Reid (Joe)

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