The Universe of Ned Trek

Ned Trek Crew

The Confederation of Planets

Unlike the bizarrely optimistic societal vision of the original Star Trek, Ned Trek imagines a plausibly neoconservative / neoliberal dystopian future – a galaxy ruled by the invisible hand of the market, as administered by the insatiably rapacious Confederation of Planets. Beyond that, the inevitable science fiction contradictions and non-sequiturs apply, same as they do in classic Star Trek.

The Obamulans

Chief adversaries of the Confederation, the descendents of today’s flaccid, impossibly compromised Democratic party. Complete and utter pushovers, simple as that. Their flagship is named “The Plywood.”

The Free Enterprise

Finest starship in the Confederation fleet. Top speed, warp 11. Crew: 7 idiots, a talking dressage horse, an android Richard Nixon, and Sulu from the original series.

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