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Ned Trek 18: Captain Fricassee

Hey, big guy! Don't I know you?

Plot Summary

During a visit to the ruined planet CrackerFry Nine, the Free Enterprise Crew attempts to retrieve drilling equipment and bibles left by the free-market evangelists who destroyed this hideous little globe (and themselves in the process). Willard gets some fracking fluid on his suit, causing a transporter malfunction that divides him into two opposite personalities: a moderate northern republican and the southern reactionary cracker that resides within every ambitious politician. Two Willards! Conflict ensues!

Lame Script Based On Classic Star Trek Episode:

“The Enemy Within”


Free Enterprise Crew:
Willard Mittilius Romney, Captain
Cracker Romney, also Captain
Mr. Ned, the talking dressage horse
Doc Tom Coburn, chief medical officer
Lt. Commander Richard Perle, chief neocon
Mr. Sulu, helmsman
The Nixon Android, automaton version of the ex-president