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Ned Trek 17: Free Enterprise Syndrome

Hey ... is that a teepee?

Plot Summary

On an away mission to the planet Nawbodylecarus 5, Captain Willard loses his memory and ends up turning the placid, bucolic “Quasi” society into a sweatshop for his personal enrichment, much to the chagrin of someone named “Cornwaggin”.  Meanwhile, Ned and the crew fight off a planet-wrecking Halliburton drilling vessel “The Dickman” bent on fracking the daylights out of Nawbodylecarus 5.

Lame Script Based On Classic Star Trek Episode:

“The Paradise Syndrome”

Features 6 Big Green Songs:

(1) My Masterpiece; sung by Perle
(2) Space is the Devil; sung by Welsh
(3) I Place You First; sung by the Nixon android
(4) This Horse’s Sense; sung by Ned
(5) Happy and Peaceful Here; sung by Captain Romney
(6) Lies from the Pit of Hell; sung by Doc Coburn


Free Enterprise Crew:
Willard Mittilius Romney, Captain
Mr. Ned, the talking dressage horse
Doc Tom Coburn, chief medical officer
Lt. Commander Richard Perle, chief neocon
Mr. Sulu, helmsman
The Nixon Android, automaton version of the ex-president

Nawbodylecarus Fivers:

Special Guest Stars:
Space Governor Chris Christie
Robotic voice of the Dickman