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Ned Trek 22: Mitt’s Brain

Plot Summary

It seems that Captain Romney’s brain is stolen by a team of neocon dweebs intent on using his immense intellect for the vital purpose of holding a door open. Famous people are poorly imitated and mocked without any sense of decency or decorum.

Features 6 Big Green Songs:

(1) Brain, What is Brain?
(2) Whatever Romney Knows
(3) Lost Your Mind
(4) Send in Some Advisers
(5) Nixon Action
(6) Two Lines

Lame Script Based On Classic Star Trek Episode:

Spock’s Brain


Free Enterprise Crew:

Willard Mittilius Romney, Captain
Mr. Ned, the talking dressage horse
Doc Tom Coburn, chief medical officer
Lt. Commander Richard Perle, chief neocon
Mr. Sulu, helmsman
Mr. Welsh, chief engineer
The Nixon Android, automaton version of the ex-president

Also Featuring:

Dr. Henry Kissinger (as himself)

Planetary Neocons:

Bill Kristol
Robert Kagan
Assorted Cavemen